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Valley Integrative Pharmacy Introduces Testing for Wheat Sensitivity

May 26, 2017 02:16PM
Wheat Sensitivity is an autoimmune disorder in which patients respond to wheat ingestion by eliciting antibodies against components of wheat.  Gluten sensitivity is only a subset of a much larger group of conditions. Valley Integrative Pharmacy can test for wheat sensitivity, Celiac, gluten intolerance and IBS.

One out of seven Americans suffer from a wheat-related disorder, and most people don’t even know they are gluten intolerant. Misdiagnoses and drugs which only suppress your symptoms allow for inflammation and leaky gut to creep in, slowly setting you up for a multitude of diseases.

Vibrant America has developed the Wheat Zoomer, a functional lab test designed to examine the most complex associations with wheat sensitivity known today.  This definitive test clearly shows sensitivities and allergies that are difficult to detect. Life style changes, with the help of a nutritionist, can potentially reverse the damage, leaving you less at risk for disease. Book your appointment today.

Location: Valley Integrative Pharmacy, 75 Washington Valley Road, Bedminster. For more information, call 908-658-4900 or visit

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