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Demystifying Reiki

Reiki, a Japanese energy healing technique, is a safe and non-invasive practice in which the practitioner acts as an energy conduit transferring energy from the environment to the patient or client. This facilitates the patient’s innate healing ability and enables one’s body system to balance itself from within.

Lately, modern science has started to catch up with this energy healing technology as more subtle energy sensing devices have become available. “Now one can see the effects of Reiki with the naked eye,” said Makiko Suzuki Fliss, PhD scientist and Reiki Master teacher at RAYKI School.

Reiki enables the practitioner to utilize subtle energy generated by the earth, along with “Ki,” which is commonly referred to as “life force energy.” Reiki healers are trained and tuned to sense these subtle energies.

Makiko trained at Mount Sinai School of Medicine and various institutions including Johns Hopkins University and Meiji University in Japan. She is a Reiki Master of various lineages and has worked in the biotech and pharmaceutical industries. Makiko teaches Reiki classes in NJ, NC, and SC and also offers private Reiki sessions. For more information, visit


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