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Coronavirus and Immune System Support

The Sunrise Nutrition and Wellness Center is staying quite busy during the coronavirus pandemic. Dr. John Harrington has dedicated each Tuesday to treating patients that have a cough, a sore throat or a fever with a unique healing technique. Therapeutic magnets are placed on neuro-lymphatic points located on the surface of the body to enable the immune system to more effectively identify hidden microbes. This procedure also stimulates lymphatic drainage allowing toxins to be removed more efficiently. 

Dr. Harrington has been using this technique for over a year with great success. It is especially beneficial when combined with herbal remedies, a nutritional evaluation, and a wellness lifestyle. In addition, he uses cold laser on different acupuncture points, essential oils, and replenishes vitamins or minerals that are desperately needed for the immune system. Although not a specific treatment for COVID-19, Dr. Harrington understands how natural treatments can support the immune system and the overall health of the body. Being proactive about health is healthier physically, mentally and spiritually. 

Location: 137 Mountain Avenue, Hackettstown. For information, call 908-441-2276 or email [email protected]

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