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Naturally Good for You Cosmetics

Terry Martin’s fascination with makeup began as a child and led to work as a medical esthetician and paramedical makeup artist. This experience vividly demonstrated how proper care can heal skin and how makeup can restore confidence. It also inspired Martin to create Mederi Cosmetics—a line of natural/organic, cruelty-free, vegan cosmetics and skin care products made in the USA.

“Mederi means ‘healing’ in Latin, and that’s truly what this company is about. I wanted customers to look great knowing they are wearing safe makeup. It makes you feel healthy knowing you are choosing the best products for your body, mind and soul,” shares Martin, CEO and founder.

The cosmetic line includes everything needed in makeup, from foundation and concealer to eyes, brows and lips, in colors and tints that suit every need or preference. There is also a paramedical makeup line for accident and burn survivors that also works great for scars, freckles, bruises, burns, birthmarks, age spots, rosacea and varicose veins. These products can also be used as a regular daily makeup.

“We also offer a wide range of skin care products at The skin care side is run by my son, Jeramie Scott,” states Martin. “All of our products are sold online. We also have representatives who will gladly talk with you about your selection and answer any questions you have.”

For additional information or to order by phone or email, call 570-575-8185 or email [email protected] To purchase products online visit or  See ads, pages 10, 41.