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Central New Jersey - Coronavirus Resources

* Due to the current Pandemic, some Natural Awakenings Advertisers, Businesses and Events may have had changes. Please call in advance for more information.

If You Feel Sick:

Have general questions about COVID-19?

The NJ Poison Control Center and 211 have partnered with the State to provide information to the public on COVID-19:
Call 2-1-1  Call (24/7): 1-800-962-1253 
Text: NJCOVID to 898-211
Visit or for additional information

Coronavirus Webpages:

State of New Jersey Department of Health

 Centers for Disease Control (CDC) and Prevention Information on Coronavirus (CoVid-19

Coronavirus Q & A from the World Health Organization

Natural Awakenings Articles:
Coronavirus and Immune System Support

Coronavirus and Immune System Support

The Sunrise Nutrition and Wellness Center is staying quite busy during the coronavirus pandemic. Read More » 


3 Foods That Increase Immune Health

3 Foods That Increase Immune Health

While boosting our immune systems is a hot topic in these trying times, optimizing immune health is an ongoing commitment. Read More » 


Mental Health in a Time of Change

Mental Health in a Time of Change

All of us have had to adapt and change our everyday patterns of behavior in order to cope with the new routines of social distancing and living in quarantine. Read More » 


kasarp studioShutterstockcom

Virus-Free Hands and Home: Research-Proven DIY Sanitizers That Work

If we can’t use a sink and soap to ward off the COVID-19 coronavirus, a hand sanitizer can work. Here are easy, cheap and environmentally friendly formulas to make your own DIY sanitizers. Read More » 



Gut Check: Feeding the Immune System

Nutrition is key in building up a strong immune system. How to foster healthy gut bacteria plus immune-boosting recipes for Creamy Turmeric Cauliflower Soup and Lentil Stew. Read More » 


4 PM productionShutterstockcom

Living Long and Well: Age-Defying Habits and the Fountain of Youth

Researchers have long pursued the keys to a long and healthy life, concluding that longevity is determined by a combination of genes, environment, lifestyle choices and luck. Read More » 


Olesia Bilkei Shutterstockcom

Cold-Busters: Natural Remedies for Kids

Natural approaches and effective holistic home remedies for relieving cold and flu symptoms in children. Read More » 


Teen Voices on COVID-19

Teen Voices on COVID-19

Isabella Dussias shares how are teens reacting to the current Pandemic of COVID-19. Read More » 


Stress Relief Articles:

Natalia FigueredoUnsplashcom

Ways to Calm Your Anxiety with Meditation During the Coronavirus Pandemic

With all the uncertainty we are facing today surrounding COVID-19 causing individuals to develop anxious feelings, now is the perfect time to start a regular mindfulness meditation practice. Read More » 



Finding Calm During Trying Times

How the global pandemic can serve as our spiritual wake-up call to learn how different traditions heal from life-shattering events. Read More » 


Soothing Anxious Kids

Soothing Anxious Kids

Natural Remedies Restore Calm by Marlaina DonatoKids and teens have always had plenty to be stressed about, such as family finances, parenta... Read More » 


The Minimalist Family

The Minimalist Family

Trading Clutter for Calm by Meredith MontgomeryThen Denaye Barahona, of New York City, became a parent, she felt compelled to buy everything... Read More » 


The Healing  Power of Touch and Benefits of Nature Therapy

The Healing Power of Touch and Benefits of Nature Therapy

It is no secret that a pat on the back, a peck on the cheek or an embrace can make us feel good. Experts now claim that a touch can do more ... Read More » 


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